Greyhaven : 古き良きポストハードコアのカオス溢れる新曲「Foreign Anchor」MV公開!


Greyhaven : ケンタッキー州ルイビルを拠点に活動するポストハードコア/メタルコアバンド、Greyhavenが新曲「Foreign Anchor」のミュージックビデオを公開しました。この楽曲は4月15日にEqual Vision Recordsからリリースされるニューアルバム『This Bright and Beautiful World』に収録される予定です。



Vocalist Brent Mills comments: “This song is for everyone who thought we’d gone soft. I’m still angry. We’re still exploring every avenue we’ve carved out for ourselves. We’re not shying away from anything. Greyhaven is always going to do whatever we want and here we wanted to push ourselves and see how intense we could get. I think we’ve doubled down in every direction on the record. ‘All Candy’ coupled with ‘Foreign Anchor’ provide a glimpse at the two extremes but there’s still more to hear. You asked for a heavy song and we delivered.”



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