Hopesfallのメンバーらによって結成されたニューバンド、In Parallelが新曲「Deep Dark」をリリース!

Wiretap Recordsから9月5日にリリースされるEP『Fashioner』から新曲「Deep Dark」が公開されました。

Lance Black comments: “‘Deep Dark’ started as an idea several years ago and was completed during the making of Fashioner, when the band revisited the idea and let the song’s emotion that originally inspired it determine its final shape. The song’s subject matter deals with the overwhelming feeling of depression and the codependency that often comes with it. Its chorus concludes that we are complex human beings living in a world with little tolerance for mistakes or flaws: ‘We’re the sum of the ocean and its deepest parts. Where it ends, and where it starts. We’ve asked for nothing, but you understand what a perfect world demands’.”



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